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Jual Flatwork Ironer 1 Roller| 2 Roller| Roller

JUAL FLAT WORK IRONER/Mangler,mesin setrika laundry/londry,mesin setrika roll, jumlah roll 2 roller ,1 Roller, 3 Roller ,gas heating, electric heating dan Steam Heating Tersedia Buatan Eropa, Thailand dan China, input & output linen front to front/front to back.

Adapun produk yang kami jual ada 2 type: mesin asia dan eropa disesuaikan dengan spek yang diminta.

untuk lebih detailnya silahkan contatct 081213970585 Taufik WA/Telp

1. Simple chain drive mechanism with single motor
2. Heating roll made of high quality galvanized drum
3. Large contact area of 200 degree to maximum heating exchange
4. Variable speed frequency inverter control, users can choose the suitable speed for different textiles.
5. Gradual speed increment between rolls to improve ironing quality by stretching effect
6. Equipped with finger protection bar
7. Simple control with on/off button
8. Heating roll and guide shaft drive simultaneously

Flatwork Ironer Buatan Eropa Brand Domus:

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